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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NBA Team shows opposition to Arizona's Racial Profiling Law

This release comes from our partners at the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM).  FIRM is a national coalition of community organizations fighting for the fair treatment of immigrants and for just and humane immigration reform on the local, state and federal level.

NBA Team Shows Courage in Standing up to Arizona's SB1070

FIRM applauds Phoenix Suns symbolic gesture and strong words against law that would subject Latinos to racial profiling

WASHINGTON - Today, the Phoenix Suns will wear jerseys identifying them as "Los Suns." The move, according to the team owner, is to show solidarity with Phoenix's Latino community and condemn SB1070, which will require police to verify the legal status of anyone who arouses a "reasonable suspicion" of being undocumented. The following is a statement from Gabe Gonzalez, political strategist for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM):

"We applaud the Phoenix Suns for standing up for their Latino and immigrant fans. They didn't have to take this step. They could have stayed out of the fray. Instead, they chose to speak up against an unjust law and celebrate Arizona's diversity. We also applaud the NBA and the San Antonio Spurs for supporting 'Los Suns' bold gesture.

"If only Arizona's political leadership had the same vision and courage. If only they could also appreciate that this law, while it may help win political points with their base, will not make the state safer nor will it have even a marginal effect on border safety. What it will do is expose their Latino and immigrant residents to harassment and racial profiling. The new law might help Gov. Jan Brewer win the Republican nomination, but it certainly won't help her state's economic rebound.

"It's unfortunate that Republicans in other states are even considering following Arizona's errant lead. We call on President Obama and Democrats and Republicans in Congress to move comprehensive immigration reform before the November elections. It's immoral to allow states to continue drawing up laws that will only serve to undermine the civil liberties of Latinos and immigrants.

"As Steve Nash, Phoenix's All-Star player, said, 'the law is very misguided.' Let's get on the right course again, and we can start with immigration reform."


FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement) is a coalition of grassroots community organizations nationwide, working on behalf of comprehensive immigration reform and immigrant rights and is convened by the Center for Community Change.
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