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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would You Ask This Man For His Papers?

From the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

Would you ask this man for his papers? Why? Because of the color of his skin? Because of the language he's speaking? Because he's doing yard work?

The fact is, there is no way to tell who is documented and who is not. If SB 1070 is allowed to go into effect, American citizens WILL be subjected to racial profiling. People in this country legally will be stopped, interrogated and harassed simply because of what they look like or the language they are speaking.

That's not right and it's not constitutional. Help us protect the constitution. Help us stop SB 1070. What Happens in Arizona, Stops in Arizona.


CAUSA Communications Department said...

Almost 10 years ago, now, my friend's husband was detained nearly 5 hours after an INS raid on a grocery store - he was a customer, and had come to the store without proof of his citizenship (he is a natural born citizen). We were appalled that this could happen here. It seems we haven't made much progress.

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