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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Children Rally for Civil Rights and Immigration Reform at State Capitol

On Saturday, 268 people gathered at the Oregon State Capitol to participate in a Children's March & Rally for Immigration Reform. The children with their adult supporters joined together to call on Federal and State Legislators to:

• Respect the 14th Amendment. Do not take away our children's citizenship.
• Stop dividing families
• Keep racial profiling laws like SB1070 out of Oregon
• Stop local law enforcement from doing the job of ICE. Our State Police, County Sheriff and City Police belong to our communities, not the federal government.
• Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform NOW!

Here is a selection of photos from the event:

Over the last several months, immigration restrictionists and right-wing extremist politicians in Congress have been calling for a change in the 14th Amendment eliminating citizenship to babies born on United States soil. Instead of promoting immigration reform that would overhaul a severely flawed and broken system, they see it politically opportune to deny citizenship and promote deportation of infants and children.

This is just one of the latest stunts being promoted by extremists to avoid dealing with an important national issue that needs a federal response. Much like passage of Arizona's Racial Profiling Law SB1070, the build-up of troops on the U.S.-Mexico border and the variety of failed enforcement-only policies promoted by the far-right, these wrong headed and misguided schemes are just dividing families and delaying the benefit real reform would bring to our country.

There is currently legislation in both houses of Congress that would overhaul the nation’s broken immigration system.

News Coverage:
Video: Children march for citizenship rights


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